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Upcoming Features

November 25th, 2007

User Profiles are next

As you may know the recommended daily allowances aren’t showing up. Calculating the proper allowances is rather involved. To do this properly, I am creating user profiles which allows you to enter custom information like weight, height, sex, pregnant?, lactating? and physical activity level.

This data will be plugged into a formula resulting in custom RDAs. I will probably provide a default male and female user in case you don’t care for that level of personalization.

Having an engine to calculate this will allow me to add additional diets instead of just the government recommended one, such as Atkins and South Beach.

After that, I will work on the amino acids and fatty acids which are not currently displayed.

Almost there!

November 22nd, 2002

I have been putting some time into Nutrition Facts and an initial release of version 1 is upcoming. It won’t have all features active but it is a base from which I can role out new features easily. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the new web site!

January 18th, 2001

In order to allow for a variety of upcoming software I have expanded the site.  Nutrition Facts is still available, and I am (still) working on a new release.  Unfortunately my job has kept me quite busy.

New software coming!

January 18th, 2001

In addition to a new release of Nutrition Facts, several new applications are on the way.  For a brief preview of what’s coming click on Software link.