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Online Version of Nutrition Facts Now Available!

December 14th, 2016

Nutrition Facts has always been a way for me to explore programming and at the same time create something useful. While working on learning some new technologies, I created a new site that is the online version of Nutrition Facts. Check it out here:

It should work on most computers and smartphones.  It also contains the latest food data from the USDA.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.  Thanks and Enjoy!



My Stomach Thanks You

March 6th, 2011

I received another donation from a user that was not monetary, but delicious.  Pam in Vancouver sent a bag of near-homemade granola after helping me fix a bug in Nutrition Facts.  It was great stuff!  Interestingly, there was no oatmeal, which I thought was a staple in granola.  Pam obviously knows what she’s doing as the granola was excellent.  I have included some pictures and included a link to her website.

She ships the granola to anywhere in the world, as long it’s Canada.  Sorry, everyone else.  You will have to move to enjoy it.

Thanks for your help Pam, and thanks for feeding us!

Pam’s website: Cascadia Gluten Free Foods

Unusual Donation from Down Under

March 6th, 2011

AustralianWildlifeWith the issues users were having with Nutrition Facts on certain versions of Windows 7, I needed some help isolating the problem. Gerry from Australia was one of the first users to incur the problems and report them. He also help test some intermediate versions to ensure they worked on his version of Windows.

Once we had a working version on Windows 7 (only thanks to Gerry’s patience and help), he kindly asked if he could send a donation. I said he is welcome to, that it’s fully up to him. He then asked if I had kids, and suggested he send a gift to the kids.  Great idea i thought, since all donations to this point have been monetary.

A few weeks later we had a package arrive from Australia. My kids were rather tickled by receiving a package from across the globe and quickly tore into it. It was 2 books on Australian wildlife and a Calendar. I have posted pictures in this post. Thanks for the gift Gerry and thanks for all the assistance!

Nutrition Facts Released

February 28th, 2011

This version finally adds the proper values for ‘Calories from Fat’. The application can now be sized or maximized, widening or shortening the food list box as needed. Hovering your mouse over a food item will also popup a tooltip with the food name (in case the name is too wide and can’t be fully seen).

Get the latest copy here!

Nutrition Facts Released

February 3rd, 2011

This version fixes Windows 7 64-bit compatibility. Nutrition Facts would simply not run on these newer machines. Also of note, the food database has been updated to the latest one available from the USDA, version 23, released in September of 2010.

Some minor bug fixes were made as well and some significant changes under the hood to eventually support multiple users and diets.

Get your latest copy here!

Nutrition Facts released

December 7th, 2007

This release includes:

  • Improved the update check (prevents slow down during start up)
  • Added Fatty Acid data to nutrition label
  • Minor database improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

I would recommend upgrading for the first feature in the list.

I Was Wrong

November 27th, 2007

In my last post I said Nutrition Facts doesn’t seem to work on Vista. I was wrong. Apparently it didn’t work on XP and probably most operating systems. It does work on my development machine, but I can’t figure out why it is the exception. Regardless, about 200 people downloaded a bad version of Nutrition Facts.

My apologies to everyone and I now have a system I can test on before I release.

I should have a new, working version of Nutrition Facts posted in less than an hour.

UPDATE: I have posted new, working version of Nutrition Facts ( Please let me know if you encounter any problems.