Release Schedule

December 6th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

I am about halfway finished with the update.

I have improved the update check, preventing slow downs during the start up of Nutrition Facts. I also corrected minor spelling errors and a bug or two. The next step will be to complete the Fatty acid/Amino acid tabs on the nutrition label.

Once i complete that feature I will release version

Barring defects or other pressing matters, the next version after will be 1.0. This will include user profiles, which will be something completely unique to any desktop software I know of. It has already eaten up hours of my time in research, mostly with USDA publications and charts.

As I have mentioned before, user profiles will customize the nutrition label to your nutritional needs.  The recommended daily allowances will be customized for you based on several factors including BMI and caloric demand.

After 1.0, I will take a small hiatus from Nutrition Facts to concentrate on another project that desparatly needs completion.

The post 1.0 features I am looking at are:

  1. The ability to add foods and submit them to Silvertriad for distributions
  2. Optional ingredients list for certain food items
  3. UPC codes for user entered foods
  4. Displaying additional information on each food item, such as source, etc
  5. Providing links to Wikipedia for many of the nutrients
  6. Providing other diets beyond the USDA’s.
  7. Collecting search stats (which will be voluntary and shared on the website)
  8. The ability to combine existing foods into new foods
  9. The ability to add new food sizes (such as cup, pound, ounces, etc)
  10. Customizable Nutrition Facts label, so you can remove the items you don’t care about
  11. Additional food items, including fast food restaurants
  12. Ability to bookmark food for quick pull up.
  13. Ability to create log of food eaten to track caloric and nutritional intake.

Did I miss anything? If there is a feature you are interested in, send me an email. I am always interested in new ideas.

Nutrition Facts released

December 2nd, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

Just uploaded the latest release of Nutrition Facts to the web server.  Here are the features added in the latest release:

  • Added compatibility with 800×600 screen resolution
  • More responsive searching (it’s now threaded!)
  • Improved searching with better accuracy (each word is anded together)
  • Update notification
  • Added Options dialog
  • Fixed minor issues with installer
  • Added Splash Screen

Problem Fixed!!

November 29th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

After 4 days of trouble shooting the search errors in Nutrition Facts, the problem was a rather simple one. The problem was with the install. I have fixed the install and improved the search speed somewhat, but considering no one has been able to search, no one will appreciate the extra speed, oh well.

The new version ( works and I tested it on every machine in a five mile radius of my house. You can jump to the download page or click here to download it.

Thanks to everyone that contacted with the problems they had with searching!

Features after recovery

November 29th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

Once I recover from the late hours of troubleshooting I’ve put in recently, I’ll resume work on adding new features to Nutrition Facts. One such feature that’s almost complete is a simple health profile, including your BMI and estimated average caloric intake. I’ll keep everyone posted as I get close

I Was Wrong

November 27th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

In my last post I said Nutrition Facts doesn’t seem to work on Vista. I was wrong. Apparently it didn’t work on XP and probably most operating systems. It does work on my development machine, but I can’t figure out why it is the exception. Regardless, about 200 people downloaded a bad version of Nutrition Facts.

My apologies to everyone and I now have a system I can test on before I release.

I should have a new, working version of Nutrition Facts posted in less than an hour.

UPDATE: I have posted new, working version of Nutrition Facts ( Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Exceptions in Vista

November 26th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

I have received word that Nutrition Facts may throw errors when attempting to search in Vista. I don’t have a computer with Vista to test with, but I’ll get a system up and running to test on in the next few days.

I have an idea where the problem may be arising and I have already been working on a potential fix. Once the fix is complete I will post the new version and send a message to the mailing list.

This next release, which should be in the next day or so, will also have the ability to check for updates, reducing your burden, somewhat.

Upcoming Features

November 25th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

User Profiles are next

As you may know the recommended daily allowances aren’t showing up. Calculating the proper allowances is rather involved. To do this properly, I am creating user profiles which allows you to enter custom information like weight, height, sex, pregnant?, lactating? and physical activity level.

This data will be plugged into a formula resulting in custom RDAs. I will probably provide a default male and female user in case you don’t care for that level of personalization.

Having an engine to calculate this will allow me to add additional diets instead of just the government recommended one, such as Atkins and South Beach.

After that, I will work on the amino acids and fatty acids which are not currently displayed.

WOW! Five years and still no new release!

February 15th, 2007 by Michael Silver No comments »

Let me give a brief history. I bit off more than I could chew and attempted to design a state of the art “Nutrition Facts”, which left me endlessly programming in circles. Eventually programming became so tedious I simply stopped.

Currently, I do have a simplified version of Nutrition Facts that is 75% done, but development of that is on hold. I also have a web version that I am actively working on. I won’t promise a date or even attempt a prediction, since as you can see, history will prove me unworthy of such. Just stay tunned and join the mailing list or RSS feed and I will notify you when the Online Nutrition Facts is available.

I will be posting articles regarding the development of the new online NutritionFacts, so check out for more technical and timely updates.

Also, if you previously signed up for the mailing list, please do so again. The email addresses were lost due to a hard drive failure in my web server. I am still going through backups, but it is doubtful I will recover them.

The web site has also been cleaned up, fixing dead email links and removing older content.

Almost there!

November 22nd, 2002 by Michael Silver No comments »

I have been putting some time into Nutrition Facts and an initial release of version 1 is upcoming. It won’t have all features active but it is a base from which I can role out new features easily. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the new web site!

January 18th, 2001 by Michael Silver No comments »

In order to allow for a variety of upcoming software I have expanded the site.  Nutrition Facts is still available, and I am (still) working on a new release.  Unfortunately my job has kept me quite busy.