WOW! Five years and still no new release!

Let me give a brief history. I bit off more than I could chew and attempted to design a state of the art “Nutrition Facts”, which left me endlessly programming in circles. Eventually programming became so tedious I simply stopped.

Currently, I do have a simplified version of Nutrition Facts that is 75% done, but development of that is on hold. I also have a web version that I am actively working on. I won’t promise a date or even attempt a prediction, since as you can see, history will prove me unworthy of such. Just stay tunned and join the mailing list or RSS feed and I will notify you when the Online Nutrition Facts is available.

I will be posting articles regarding the development of the new online NutritionFacts, so check out for more technical and timely updates.

Also, if you previously signed up for the mailing list, please do so again. The email addresses were lost due to a hard drive failure in my web server. I am still going through backups, but it is doubtful I will recover them.

The web site has also been cleaned up, fixing dead email links and removing older content.

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