Release Schedule

I am about halfway finished with the update.

I have improved the update check, preventing slow downs during the start up of Nutrition Facts. I also corrected minor spelling errors and a bug or two. The next step will be to complete the Fatty acid/Amino acid tabs on the nutrition label.

Once i complete that feature I will release version

Barring defects or other pressing matters, the next version after will be 1.0. This will include user profiles, which will be something completely unique to any desktop software I know of. It has already eaten up hours of my time in research, mostly with USDA publications and charts.

As I have mentioned before, user profiles will customize the nutrition label to your nutritional needs.  The recommended daily allowances will be customized for you based on several factors including BMI and caloric demand.

After 1.0, I will take a small hiatus from Nutrition Facts to concentrate on another project that desparatly needs completion.

The post 1.0 features I am looking at are:

  1. The ability to add foods and submit them to Silvertriad for distributions
  2. Optional ingredients list for certain food items
  3. UPC codes for user entered foods
  4. Displaying additional information on each food item, such as source, etc
  5. Providing links to Wikipedia for many of the nutrients
  6. Providing other diets beyond the USDA’s.
  7. Collecting search stats (which will be voluntary and shared on the website)
  8. The ability to combine existing foods into new foods
  9. The ability to add new food sizes (such as cup, pound, ounces, etc)
  10. Customizable Nutrition Facts label, so you can remove the items you don’t care about
  11. Additional food items, including fast food restaurants
  12. Ability to bookmark food for quick pull up.
  13. Ability to create log of food eaten to track caloric and nutritional intake.

Did I miss anything? If there is a feature you are interested in, send me an email. I am always interested in new ideas.

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