Work Progressing on Custom RDAs

Albeit slow, work is progressing on the next version of Nutrition Facts.  I am pouring through the USDA’s Recommended Daily Allowances and converting them to a format I can use.  Once done, Nutrition Facts will provide customized RDA’s based on your profile (a profile consisting of age, sex, etc).

I will keep everyone posted as I near completion.

My next project after Nutrition Facts 1.0 is released will be writing software to transfer files back and forth from Amazon’s S3 service.  Although this may have little appeal for most, S3 is an unlimited storage service that costs pennies a month.

I actually use it as a backup for family pictures and other important documents.  I also use it as storage for the Nutrition Facts install.  When you download Nutrition Facts, it is downloading from Amazon.  My bill for using this service was 23 cents last month and I am up to 25 cents so far this month.

The New York times uses it for their news archive as does numerous other companies.  Google is also rumored to have a similar service in the works.

If you have family photos and want to ensure they never get lost, back them up to Amazon S3.

The hardest part is finding good software to transfer files, hence I hope to improve that situation.  Currently, a plugin for the firefox browser called S3Fox works best.

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