Some Interesting Statistics

Every so often I glance at my stats for and find something interesting. Not to long ago Google was sued for revising their ranking system. Google’s ranking system is how they determine what order websites are listed when you search.

Google is always tweaking the system so you get the most relevant search results. Unfortunately, when they change their algorithm, some web sites drop in their ranking, meaning Google sends fewer visitors their way. While Google certainly has the right to make changes as they see fit, I can somewhat empathize with those who drop in rank.

Case-in-point, below I have the list of search engines that sent visitors to in December. Notice how substantial Google’s referrals are. Google sent 223 visitors my way. While not a substantial number in itself, it dwarfs the other search engines, by a long shot.

If I depended on for a living I would probably be upset if that number dropped due to Google dropping my rank. What exactly is my rank? Well according to the last search I performed, Silvertriad is 10th, which means it is on the first page of search results when searching for “Nutrition Facts”.

Links from an Internet Search Engine

– Google 223
– Google (cache) 6
– Windows Live 6
– Unknown search engines 2
– Google (Groups) 2
– MSN Search 2
– Stumbleupon (Social Bookmark) 1
– AOL 1
– Blingo 1
– Yahoo! 1

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