Version 2/28/2011

Fixed “Calories from Fat” to display proper value
Application can now be sized or maximized
Hovering mouse over a food item will popup a tooltip with the food name (in case the name is too wide)

Version 2/3/2011

Fixed Windows 7 64-bit compatibility
Fixed minor install issues
Major changes under the hood for multi-user use and diet monitoring
Updated to the latest food database (v23)
Minor bug fixes

Version    12/7/2007

Improved the update check (prevents slow down during start up)
Added Fatty Acid data to nutrition label
Minor database improvements
Minor bug fixes

Version    12/2/2007

Added compatibility with 800×600 screen resolution
More responsive searching (it’s now threaded!)
Improved searching with better accuracy (each word is anded together)
Update notification
Added Options dialog
Fixed minor issues with installer
Added Splash Screen

Version    11/28/2007

Fixed bug that prevented searching foods

Version    11/25/2007

Rewrote application in C#.


Updated links.


Initial release.

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